Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Tips From Oconomowoc Plumbing Professionals

Although most plumbing issues should be handled by experienced Oconomowoc plumbing professionals from companies. many minor plumbing issues can be prevented and addressed by the homeowners themselves as part of their do-it-yourself efforts. In fact, homeowners are well-advised to adopt regular maintenance procedures to ensure that plumbing issues are identified and addressed as early as possible. The earlier plumbing problems are addressed, the better for your pockets, your house and your family members living in your home.

Here are a few useful DIY tips from experienced plumbers that you can adopt in your own home. Just remember that calling in a reliable plumber is your best course of action when the plumbing issue is beyond your DIY knowledge, skills and tools.

Leaking Toilet

Before calling in a reliable Oconomowoc plumbing professional to check a possibly leaky toilet, you should test your theory. Pour a small amount of food coloring into the toilet tank and let it sit overnight; in the morning, see if the dye shows up on the bowl in which case, the toilet has a leak. Replace the flush valve, which should be easy and affordable.

Clogged Drains

Over time, the drains in the bathroom sink, shower and bathtub can be clogged with soap residue, hair, and other particles. Instead of waiting for a small flood in the bathroom or using an auger for extraction purposes, your best bet for de-clogging is a wet/dry vacuum. It also pays to regularly check the drains for items that can be easily retrieved like small particles before these are deposited in the recesses of the drain.

Sink Backup

Yet another issue that you can skip calling in a reliable Oconomowoc plumbing is kitchen sink backup. The kitchen sink can be clogged with food particles, cooking oil, and grease, among other gunk materials, so much so that backing up becomes an issue. DIY tips include:

• Place strainers on sink to catch various items, thus, keeping the drains as clean as possible for as long as possible

• Flush the drains on a regular basis. Use a few gallons of boiling water, which will melt the accumulated fats and soap residues.

• Use products that can prevent kitchen clogs by making it easier for the accumulated particles to be drained away.

The bottom line: Preventive measures are better than the remedies – or at the very least, these measures will make a potentially major plumbing issue into a relatively minor plumbing problem.

Laundry Connection

Experienced Oconomowoc plumbing professionals consider flooding due to faulty laundry connection as one of the most common yet preventable plumbing issues in homes. Over time, the rubber connection hoses will dry out and burst resulting in small floods around the house especially in the laundry room. DIY prevention tips:

• Check the rubber hoses on a regular basis; be on the lookout for blisters, cracks and other flaws in the hoses.

• Turn off the water supply valves to the washing machine when you will be away for extended periods. Install an easy-to-reach single-lever shutoff valve, if possible.

• Replace the rubber hoses with steel hoses.

And experienced Oconomowoc plumbing professionals suggest that homeowners and members of their households should know the location of the main shutoff valve as well as how to turn it off and on.