Monday, July 29, 2013

Pewaukee Plumber Tips for Fixing Leaking Pipes

A broken and leaking pipe is a nightmare no homeowner wants to go through. While you may wonder what to do in such situations the first thing that comes to mind is to call your Pewaukee plumber. However to make things easier for your plumber, and to prevent further damage, you also have to not panic and have the sense of mind to turn off the water supply to the leaking pipe.

This valve may either be the fixture supply valve located in front of the leak or the main supply valve itself. By switching off the water supply, you not only discontinue the water supply to your pipe, but you also have time to think. In case your plumber can’t reach you immediately and you don’t have the time to fix the leaking pipe yourself, there are some options for a quick fix till the pipe is properly repaired.

A pencil can help repair a leaking pipe

The first thing you have to do is find out where the leak comes from and if it is a run of copper, here are some quick fix options. Though they don’t offer a permanent cure, they do let you turn on the water supply till the pipe is permanently fixed.

Try sticking a pencil into the hole and breaking it off, and then use electrician’s tape to wrap the pipe. Smear some plumber’s epoxy repair putty on the tape to ensure there is no leakage and after half an hour, you can turn the water back on.

Try wrapping some rubber around the hole in the pipe and use a C clamp and small wood blocks to clamp the rubber in place. Hose clamps around the rubber covering also helps prevent water from leaking. If you don’t have any old rubber, you could use a cut garden hose piece.

Pipe clamps help provide a more permanent solution

Pewaukee plumbing services suggest the following repair options for a longer and more permanent fix to any leaking pipe. Always keep some pipe clamps, which are available at home stores at home ready for fixing leaking pipes.

These clamps come with permanently fitted rubber gaskets that are designed to fit around the leaking pipe. Just place the clamp on the leak and while holding it in place, tighten its integral screws for a permanent seal.
Flexible or braided metal tubes with compression couples on either end help provide a permanent fix to not only small pinhole leaks, but also help fix longer split pipes. As these repair tubes are flexible and can bend, they can be used to repair even leaks in pipe elbows. These metal tubes are available in various lengths to enable you to fix your pipe where required.

All these quick fixes help you repair leaking pipes so that you can restore the water supply to the pipes as soon as possible. As you never know when you may encounter a leaking pipe, you should always have clamps, tape and all the other necessary equipment and tools ready to help you seal the leak till a professional Pewaukee plumber can attend to it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oconomowoc Plumbing Emergency Steps You Should Know

Emergency plumbing situations shouldn’t be neglected as if they are fixed early, you can prevent major problems and expenditure. Though you may not be able to do all Oconomowoc plumbing jobs, with some plumbing emergency steps you will be able to prevent a plumbing emergency.

The leading plumbing emergency is leakages and blockages that drastically affect other parts of the house if not attended to quickly. So as soon as you find a leakage, the first thing to do is switch off the water valve that connects to that area or the entire house. This helps prevent any potential damage that arises in the house walls and floor because of spread of water.

Know your valves to stop leakages

You should thus always know where your water valves are, and what they do. The main water valve operates the main water source while the secondary valve regulates water flow to the nearest outlet.
When you shut the main valve the water flow to the entire house is stopped. The secondary valve should be shut if you notice a leak nearest to the valve. This means that if it’s a leakage with your sink, you have to shut down the valve under the sink. Don’t just switch off one valve; switch off both the hot and water valves to stop the leak as you don’t actually know if the leak stems from the hot water pipe or cold water pipe.

Overflowing toilets

Similarly, if the plumbing emergency is an overflowing toilet, you have to turn off the valve under the toilet. This discontinues the water flow to the toilet, and thus prevents water accumulation and consequent bigger problems till a professional Pewaukee plumber finds the problem and fixes it for you.

In case of the minor plumbing problems that don’t need immediate attention, just list them on your home improvement list to take care of in the future, when you have the budget to take care of the plumbing work.

Sometimes, while attending to home remodeling jobs related with your kitchen or bathroom, you may have to shift the position of pipes and valves. Don’t attempt to do this alone; let a professional plumber take care of it as a single misplaced threading can make the entire plumbing system go bad. This can lead to greater damage to your house because of some pipe leakage or blockage.

With the help of the above mentioned emergency Oconomowoc plumbing problems that occur when you least expect them, you can prevent greater loss and damage to your house.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Waukesha Plumbing Tips Homeowners Should Know

Repairing problems with the plumbing and water system mean additional expenses to any homemaker. While some problems are rather easy to fix and don’t require much money for its materials, there are some complicated and dangerous problems that should be handled by a Waukesha plumber. However if you know how to handle simple problems, you can prevent more extensive damage to the plumbing system and your home, and save money.

Your toilet works less efficiently if its flapper (the part that releases water and stops flow) is corroded and has a buildup of sediments. Most of the toilets today have replacement parts available at reasonable rates in local hardware stores. So just replace the damaged flapper for increase water flow efficiency of the toilet.

Prevent clogging of drains

To maintain your drain, prevent clogging of drains and to try and unclog blocked drains, pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down the bathtub drain. Once this is done, place a washcloth on the drain. The two chemicals react with each other to create expanding white foam.

Pour some boiling water into the drain after a few minutes to clear out any remaining clogs and solution. As hair, soap scum and other deposits tend to accumulate in bathtub pipes, doing this simple task at least once a month helps prevent the buildup of unwanted deposits.

Check for leaking toilets

Toilets should never leak; so if you learn a few steps to use to find out if the toilet leaks inside or its outside you will be able to save lots of headaches and your money. First, apply some pressure on your toilet’s sitting area and if you find that it seems to be unsteady or moves, a leak may eventually develop after regular use. So it’s better to call your Waukesha plumber for an assessment at the first signs of an unsteady or moving toilet.

While a moving or unsteady toilet can lead to an eventual external leak, to ensure there is no internal leakage, place a few drops of food coloring on the unit’s back. After a few minutes, if there is a change in the bowl color, it means that there is a leak inside the unit.

While these tips are very simple, they can help save thousands of dollars in possible future home repairs of your home’s plumbing and water system. This is why Waukesha plumbers believe that these plumbing tips are something that every homeowner should know about.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Oconomowoc Plumbing Tips for Handling Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies like burst pipes, running toilets and plumbing system leaks happen when you least expect it. Not only does this lead to a waste of water, its consequent damages can be both extensive and dangerous.

In such circumstances, most people tend to start panicking which in turn makes it difficult for you to think straight. However instead of panicking, Oconomowoc plumbing company states that quick action can help prevent expensive repairs and damage.

                                                                                        Turn off water flow

The first thing to do in such an emergency is to make sure that the water flow is stopped by turning off all water flow to your home. While it’s practically impossible to get burst pipes and leaks fixed immediately, it’s possible to stop further damage by switching off the water source.
This prevents the wastage of gallons of water and extensive and expensive water damage to your home. So find the main water shutoff valve as quickly as possible, which is usually located outside your home near the water meter box.

This done, turn off the individual shut-off valves in your home. All bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry room as a shut-off valve where the plumbing fixtures are located. This prevents any water left in the plumbing system from leaking anymore.


                   Do not panic

All this does not actually resolve the problem. However it does prevent further damage and mold formation, and also gives you the time to call a professional and qualified plumber to assess your plumbing system.

So the golden rule to follow in plumbing emergencies is not to panic but to stay calm, assess the problem and take the necessary steps to temporarily resolve the problem. You definitely have to also seek professional help as soon as possible to prevent additional damages.

                                                                                       Choose a plumber you can depend on

As the plumber has to come to your home as soon as possible, it is important that you choose and know a plumber you can depend on. You have to choose an able and professional plumber who not only carries out annual maintenance checks on your plumbing system, but who is located near your home so that they can reach your home as quickly as possible.

So make sure you do your research and compare the rates and experience of various plumbing companies in your vicinity to finally choose a plumber you can call and depend on during a plumbing emergency.

With a cool mind and a professional plumber by your side, you will not panic and will be able to face and handle any Oconomowoc plumbing emergency.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pewaukee Plumber - When To Replace Your Home’s Plumbing System

After living in your home for many years, there comes a time when you may have to change the plumbing system for some reason or the other. You may now wonder when the right time is for a replacement. There is however no fixed ‘time’ for this; it all depends on your Pewaukee plumber, who will be able to advise you during your system’s annual checkup.

Based on the observation and data your plumber collects, you will then get an idea of how long and how much longer your plumbing system can withstand your usage. Without the guidance and help of a plumber, it is rather difficult knowing when you actually have to restore your plumbing system.

Pipes deteriorate with time

With time, the pipes in your wall and other plumbing fixtures can deteriorate significantly; this especially occurs in houses more than 60 years old. Stained, discolored, dimpled and flaking tubes are all danger signs of corrosion and indicate that your plumbing system is in poor condition and that it is time to either repair or replace your plumbing system.

You can find out what type of plumbing is used in your home by taking a look at the home inspection report. However if you have lost it, it is your Pewaukee plumber who can help you.

Another sign that indicates your plumbing system has some issues are those puddles that form because of sneaky leaks. No matter if it is a small or severe leak, a leak usually means your house’s plumbing system should be replaced.

This is because the original pipes used in your plumbing system are made of the same material, and can bear the same water supply and usage pattern of your home. So if there is a leak somewhere, you are pretty sure that there will also be many more leaks elsewhere pretty soon.

Brown water may indicate rusted pipes

Always check the water that comes out of your bath tub before taking a bubble bath as if the water is brown or yellow, it means your pipes are rusting. This in turn is a sign of decay and it’s better to not use that water for bathing.

So all these signs do warn you and give an indication that your home plumbing system should be changed in the near future. However replacing the entire plumbing system of your home can be expensive. The better thing to do is to maintain and prolong its life as much as possible by having your professional Pewaukee plumbing company perform yearly checkups on the plumbing system.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Plumbing System

The bathroom is a very important part of your home which is why it should be maintained well. Not only should the fixtures be maintained and changed when faulty, the plumbing system too should be periodically checked.

While it’s better to hire a professional Waukesha plumber to check the system at least once a year, it’s better to do some checking time and again. So here are some tips that help you check your household’s plumbing system.

1. First thing to do is clean out the drains so that all built up residue is cleared. This prevents your having to attend to the problem when water does not nudge through pipes. Though this is not a pleasant task, it’s better than finally digging something foreign out from the drain after some time. Cleaning of the drain can be done using a plastic drain tool from the local home improvement store or if you want, you can go green and use some white vinegar.

2. A running toilet is another problem that occurs in most bathrooms. This usually occurs when the flapper is not in place or is completely worn out. To fix this problem, you just have to remove the tank cover and scrub out any built-up residue on the flapper. In case the flapper is worn out, replace it with a brand new one.

3. Next in line is the drip drop of a leaky faucet, which cannot be fixed by choking the faucet with a cloth. Instead, the first thing to do is place your hand under the faucet to find out if the drops are cold or warm. This lets you know if the hot or cold water pipe is leaking.

Once you turn off the corresponding water supply line, which is usually located under the sink you next have to remove the knob from the leaking side and remove the valve stem. Check the washer placed at the bottom of the stem and replace it if is in a horrid condition. Then you just have to restore all the parts and just recheck to make sure there are no more leaks.

These 3 tips should help you deal with most of the minor Waukesha plumbing problems to check and maintain your plumbing system. However, for optimum maintenance, it’s better to have a professional Waukesha plumber take a look at your plumbing system and fixtures at least once a year.