Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oconomowoc Plumbing Emergency Steps You Should Know

Emergency plumbing situations shouldn’t be neglected as if they are fixed early, you can prevent major problems and expenditure. Though you may not be able to do all Oconomowoc plumbing jobs, with some plumbing emergency steps you will be able to prevent a plumbing emergency.

The leading plumbing emergency is leakages and blockages that drastically affect other parts of the house if not attended to quickly. So as soon as you find a leakage, the first thing to do is switch off the water valve that connects to that area or the entire house. This helps prevent any potential damage that arises in the house walls and floor because of spread of water.

Know your valves to stop leakages

You should thus always know where your water valves are, and what they do. The main water valve operates the main water source while the secondary valve regulates water flow to the nearest outlet.
When you shut the main valve the water flow to the entire house is stopped. The secondary valve should be shut if you notice a leak nearest to the valve. This means that if it’s a leakage with your sink, you have to shut down the valve under the sink. Don’t just switch off one valve; switch off both the hot and water valves to stop the leak as you don’t actually know if the leak stems from the hot water pipe or cold water pipe.

Overflowing toilets

Similarly, if the plumbing emergency is an overflowing toilet, you have to turn off the valve under the toilet. This discontinues the water flow to the toilet, and thus prevents water accumulation and consequent bigger problems till a professional Pewaukee plumber finds the problem and fixes it for you.

In case of the minor plumbing problems that don’t need immediate attention, just list them on your home improvement list to take care of in the future, when you have the budget to take care of the plumbing work.

Sometimes, while attending to home remodeling jobs related with your kitchen or bathroom, you may have to shift the position of pipes and valves. Don’t attempt to do this alone; let a professional plumber take care of it as a single misplaced threading can make the entire plumbing system go bad. This can lead to greater damage to your house because of some pipe leakage or blockage.

With the help of the above mentioned emergency Oconomowoc plumbing problems that occur when you least expect them, you can prevent greater loss and damage to your house.