Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Why Plumbing Break and How to Prevent It

Like everything else in and around the home, your plumbing system is susceptible to wear and tear and damages from other structures such as trees and shrubs. A broken or faulty water and drainage system can produce some really embarrassing experiences, but that’s not all. Having to call in your Oconomowoc plumber to fix a fault or replacing a broken part can prove to be costly.

Homeowners can play an active role in protecting their plumbing system from damages. All that is required is a knowledge of the objects or conditions that can cause damage to the piping system. Here are a couple reasons why plumbing breaks. Each will be followed by a short suggestion on how to prevent the damage from occurring.

Shifting of the ground

This often occurs during the summer when the time becomes hot and dry, causing the ground to shrink and crack. That shifting can cause pipes in or near the foundation of the home to break and leak. The corrective measures might include a slab leak repair, a regular water pipe repair or a sewer line repair.

Preventative measure:
Keep your lawn and foundation nicely watered throughout the hot summer months.

Pipe freeze

Exposed pipes (indoor or outdoor) can become frozen and break during the winter months if the temperature falls below freezing point. If broken on the inside, you could be dealing with water logged carpets and furniture.

Preventative measure: Wrap the exposed areas of the pipe with some insulation. As long as you can see the pipe (even under the cabinet of the sink) you should insulate them. Do the same to your heater (wherever in the house it is) using either a specially made blanket or tape along with insulation.

You should also ensure that lock offs that allow water to flow to exterior faucets are all turned off and drained. In case the temperature gets really low, you can protect hose bibbs and outdoor faucets with insulated covers. Ensure the water supply to your sprinkler system is also turned off. Use compressed air to blow through the pipeline to get rid of any water left there as it could cause the line to freeze and burst.

A final tip from PJ’s Plumbing is that you leave your furnace on at a minimum of 55 degrees if you go off on vacation. If you are accustomed to spending the entire winter in a tropical area and have no caretaker for your home, be sure to drain the entire pumping system.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Planning

Your home should look and feel exactly how you want it to. Unfortunately, much like everything else, your house ages. Appliances become broken and out-of-date, counters get chipped and worn, floors get warped, sinks become leaky, etc. Eventually it gets to a point where you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. But where to start…?

A remodel can be done very cost-effectively, but it should be noted that it is a serious undertaking that should not be attempted without licensed and certified help. With that in mind, home owners often wonder how they can be sure that they are getting the best service at the best price. Ask yourself, does the company have years of experience, great customer testimonials and are they licensed and certified? has installation certifications, is a member of the Hartland Chamber of Commerce, American Society of Plumbing Engineers and the Radiant Panel Association.

After you find a reputable and reliable plumber to help with your remodel, the next thing you should consider is what exactly you want done. The plumber should have a wide range of products for you to choose from and evaluate. Take into account materials, where it was made, the color, texture and overall feel of your new install. Don’t settle; remember your plumber is there to work with you and bring your vision to life. If they aren’t providing the changes that you want, it’s time to move on to another company.

Last, think about function and form. Some sinks and counters look really nice, but if they are rough and not a good fit for the size of the area you are working with, don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. Go with a company whose goal is to put your design and ideas first and you will be extremely happy with your remodel. This post originally posted by to Paul Glapinski

Monday, November 11, 2013

Essentials of a Good Pewaukee Plumber

Hiring the right Pewaukee plumber is going to be critical to ensure that the job is done properly the first time and that you aren’t left wasting time or money. In fact, hiring someone at random who doesn’t have the basic knowledge and understanding of how your pipes work could cause major problems in your home. Here are the most vital things to keep in mind.

When you first look at any Pewaukee plumber, you need to ensure that they are licensed, bonded and insured. If they aren’t all three, you need to look at someone else. Not only will this end up causing you potential damage, but it could also cause problems on an insurance claim if something goes wrong and you don’t have a covered professional.

Once you have found a selection of plumbers, you should begin to explain the reason why you are calling them. Make sure you detail the problem and tell them you would like to their experience with that particular concern. The more experience a person has in the industry the more likely they are going to have the knowledge and expertise you are going to need.

Before you finalize the deal, take a quick look over the testimonials they have in place. It will be important that you take the time to look over all the information that is being said about the company. If you notice any red flags, such as negative reviews from genuine customers or the positive reviews restating information, then you may need to reconsider the information that you are reviewing.

When you have the Pewaukee plumber that you feel you can trust, you will need to pay close attention to their appearance when they arrive at your home. If they are covered in raw sewage and looking to walk across your white carpets, there may be a concern. Make sure they are taking care to respect you and your home when they come in, while also devoting the time they are in your home to work.

There are going to be plenty of choices out there for a Pewaukee plumber. If you keep these essentials in mind, then there is a good chance that you are going to end up hiring a plumber that will get the job done and they are bound to exceed your expectations. After all, if the job is done right the first time by a professional, you will have a chance to focus on the things that are going to be more important in your home. All without the stress of wondering if you can expect another pipe burst in the near future.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Problems with Your Plumbing

As a homeowner, when there is a problem with your pipes, you are going to need to call a plumbing specialist to come out to fix them. While some of the problems you encounter will be unavoidable, you are going to find that others are the result of negligence and years of poor care of your pipes. Since most of these problems can be avoided, it can be a good idea to be proactive and do routine maintenance on your home’s plumbing system.

This can be as simple as securing the pipes and inspecting them for rust and other corrosion. When a problem section is noticed during an inspection, you can switch off the pipe and avoid a burst that can result in extra damage to your home. Often when this type of emergency happens, you are going to be faced with the endless spray of either cold or hot water in a room and this is going to lead to damage and possible mold and mildew.

Of course, a burst pipe from damage is just one problem why a plumbing professional may come out. Frozen pipes that need to be treated before they burst will be another. While it can often be avoided by closing off the main shutoff and ensuring that the pipes are kept warm, by the time they have frozen over, you are going to need to look at new options. Because of the safety concerns with pipes in this condition, it will be a good idea for you to call a professional to come out and to deal with these pipes for you.

When you have a leaky faucet or shower head, you can often take care of the concern on your own. That means looking at the unit and deciding why it is leaking. If you find that there really is no reason for the leak and you aren’t sure about what you should be doing, the next step is going to be to have someone come out and inspect it. If the problem is caused by the piece being old and in poor repair, it might be a good idea for you to just replace the entire unit, instead of trying to repair it.

Sometimes, the drains in your home will also be a problem that you are going to have to deal with. When that is the case, you will need to have some experienced professionals come out to treat the clog with their snakes. This is a tool that can quickly dislodge a clog and have your system working again before you know it.

Problems with the plumbing in your home don’t need to be a nightmare. Instead, call out the professionals who are available and have them work on fixing the problems before they get out of hand and turn into a costly repair.

This post is written by Paul Glapinski a professional plumber and repair specialist Located at W290n3820 Fox Field Ct, Pewaukee, WI 53072-3156.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Having Problems with the Kitchen Sink?

If you are having problems with plumbing in your kitchen, there is a very good chance the sink is the issue. This is the area that is heavily used and it can become a nightmare to try to cook when it becomes clogged. While the majority of issues that are faced will include a malfunctioning garbage disposal or broken drain baskets, clogged drains and leaky faucets are also going to be a concern. With so many different concerns to deal with, you might find yourself calling a Waukesha plumber out to take care of the issue at hand. However, some simple basic treatments can be done to reduce the amount of time the plumber spends at your home, or to even solve a minor problem for a fraction of the cost.

At your sink’s faucet, if you begin to experience frequent leaks or clogs, you may need to take apart the head of the faucet and look at the aerator. This is the area which the area runs from. As you are doing this, see if you notice any buildup that could be causing the concerns you are having. Chances are there will be a great deal of buildup that once cleaned, will solve the problem. If however there is nothing that can be the cause of the leak, you may need to call out a local plumber to take care of the job.

Another problem you are most likely going to end up dealing with will be the clogged drain, especially when you are dealing with garbage disposal units. When the disposal unit begins to malfunction, food and other particles can become trapped beneath it. As the buildup continues, it can cause the unit to stick and the motor to burn out. Fortunately, with the right tool, you can manually turn the unit and free it up and that will allow you to run hot water through the pipes to solve the problem. If possible, you can follow that with a natural enzyme cleaner that will help to break down contaminants and leave you with a better functioning system.

The most important thing for you to remember is that while some of the problems you encounter with the kitchen sink can be handled on your own, you do need to know when to call out your local plumber. These professionals will have the knowledge and expertise to get your sink back and running at peak performance in no time and it also helps to avoid any unnecessary damage that could be caused if someone were to pour harsh chemicals down the sink or attempt to fix the pipes and had no idea about what they were doing.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hunting for Oconomowoc Plumbing

Finding a plumber, especially a good one, is no easy task. Before you hire one, or even think about hiring one, you will want to ensure you are not dealing with an idiot. Something you need to consider, heavily, is how much of an effect your plumbing system has on your home. It runs through your walls, your floors, even your ceiling. A single breach in your system can cause serious problems. Because the entire system is interconnected, a clog in any location can cause the system to backup and potentially rupture. When this happens, you could have water everywhere, and if it is your sewage pipe, you will find yourself in a bit of a mess.

What is a Bonded Plumber?

You are often advised to seek out an insured plumber, but from time to time you will be told to find a bonded plumber as well. What is that exactly? Can you get both when looking for Oconomowoc plumbing? The first thing you need to know, is that there can be complications with your plumbing system. Even a good plumber can make a mistake, and this is why you will need a bonded Oconomowoc plumbing professional. A bonded plumber will be able to pay for any damage that is done to your home. in other words, they have access to a significant amount of cash in the event the unthinkable happens.

When can you Call a Plumbing Professional?

A plumbing emergency can literally happen at any time. It could be the middle of the morning, or it could be the middle of the night. You are probably aware that most businesses operate from nine to five, but many plumbing organizations make their money by answering calls late at night. That being said, if your pipe bursts at three in the morning, you can get the help you need from a bonded plumber.
As you can see, now would certainly be the time to start looking for a bonded, insured plumber, and one that can answer your calls whenever you need. It might take a little bit of time to find what you need, but in the end, it will be well worth it. Start making your plans, and be sure that you’re choosing the right plumber for the upcoming catastrophe. After all, you never kno w what might happen when you’re sleeping!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Hartland Plumber Day or Night

Plumbing related emergencies can happen at any time. Your pipes do not care if it is the middle of the night, and they certainly are not going to ask you if it is a convenient time to burst. One of the biggest problems both owners and renters have is a profound talent for procrastination. You know you need to get something done, you know how serious it is, yet you just can’t bring yourself to do it! Because this happens so often with plumbing issues, you will need to do everything in your power to ensure someone is on deck to handle any leaks or clogs that you might have. It is easy to ignore a small clog in the bathroom, but not so easy when it is flooding your entire house. Unless you were planning on building an ark, that is.

A good Hartland plumber will be available day or night, and you should start your search by looking for 24 hour plumber. You will undoubtedly find quite a few plumbers when you search online, but the question is whether or not you actually want to trust any of them. Inviting anyone to your house is always a gamble, but in the middle of the night? That’s even more of a gamble, and with that being the case, you will want to make sure you call ahead, or check online reviews.

The internet helps to give us great insight into whether or not we want to hire a particular service, as you will undoubtedly find. You should start by asking questions. Talk to your friends and family; find out what plumbers they use! Not only do you need to guarantee your safety when you are hiring a plumber, but also the safety of your home. The last thing you want is to flush your toilet and have it explode. We are not saying this will happen, but plumbing is serious business.

For good measure, start planning your next plumbing disaster, and make sure you include a highly experienced plumber. You have a lot of research to do, and you might have to make some quick decisions, but doing it now i far better than waiting until your plumbing disaster actually happens. You might not know exactly what is going to go wrong, but you can be rest assured that something WILL go wrong, and your expert plumber should be available to fix it, day or night.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oconomowoc Plumbing and You

Plumbers are an important part of any living situation. Whether you own your home, rent it, or simply live with someone else, you might find, that at some point, you need to seek out the services of a good plumber. There are many different circumstances under which the Oconomowoc Plumbing professional might be required, a clogged drain being the most common, of course.

Clogged drains can be a pain, to say the least. There is nothing more annoying than attempting to take a shower, only to find that the entire tub fills up around your feet. If you are one who enjoys taking long showers, then your time could be cut short as the water reaches the brim of the tub. To make it even worse, it can take several hours for the water to retreat into the drain if it is clogged. If you are discovering this in the midst of winter, then you will probably find yourself with a freezing cold tub of water, especially if your bathroom is against an exterior wall. A quick solution might be to add warm water, but this only adds to your problem! The one and only solution, is to call a good plumbing company.

A plumbing professional will be able to insert a sort of roto rooter into your drain, and of course extract the clog. Depending on the severity of the clog they may need to use an electric pipe snake to remedy the problem, but it can be done!

There are other plumbing problems that might necessitate a plumbing professional of course. For example you might need to call someone when your pipes burst, or when you suspect a leak could be present within your system. Plumbers are able to detect high or low pressure areas, and will be able to pinpoint the leak before it becomes a serious problem.

To put it quite simply, you will be in serious trouble if you do not have a good plumber. Your house will suffer, and you will find yourself spending a lot of money. You might be handy around the house, but when it comes to the more advanced plumbing tasks, you will want to make sure you have a good plumbing professional on your side. Start looking for one today, and make sure you are ready when the time comes. You never know when that might be.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Importance of Hiring a Good Pewaukee Plumber

The plumbing system in your house is without a doubt one of the most important items, and you should be concerned about it. More than a few people tend to forget about their plumbing system, after all, it is normally out of sight and out of mind. that being the case, when something goes wrong, it tends to hit the homeowner hard. The following are a few questions that you might need to start asking, before the problem truly gets out of hand:
  • What kind of damage can occur?
  • How quickly do I need to take care of the problem?
  • How much will it cost?
The first thing you need to know is that the damage to your home can be significant. If you have a broken or clogged pipe there is always a chance for it to cause a water leak, and when this happens, your walls could be destroyed. In addition to that they might start to develop mold, which could create a deadly scenario for your entire family. Don’t let it get this bad!

You need to take care of the problem quickly and deliberately. It must be resolved at your earliest convenience, and you will do so by calling in a professional Pewaukee plumber. That being said, you will need to find one, quickly, and determine how much it will cost. As you are seeking a plumber there are a few important questions you will need to ask. First of all, how experienced are they? Can they really fix your problem? In addition to that, will they respond 24/7? Not all plumbing ‘incidents’ happen on schedule. You could wake up at midnight to find that your toilet has exploded and is spewing water all over the bathroom. Of course it doesn’t stop at the bathroom. In fact, it could spread to your carpet, and then to the rest of your house. Your baseboards will be destroyed and your house will achieve a rather foul stench. All of this will happen while you are sleeping, and you can trust us when we say it will be annoying.

If you find a good plumber, they will be on call, and they will be ready to solve your problem any time, day or night. Start by finding a great Pewaukee plumber, and ensure your issues are well in hand. You never know just what it might come to.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ways To Handle Your Plumbing Situations

As a homeowner, one of your biggest responsibilities is maintenance of your plumbing facilities. When something goes wrong suddenly, how do you decide if the problem can be fixed by you or you have to call for the services of a good plumbing company in your area? If you reside in Pewaukee, Hartland or Waukesha, getting a reliable Pewaukee plumber, Hartland plumber or a Waukesha plumbing contractor to attend to your repair work will not pose a problem.

In order to prevent your plumbing pipes rom freezing, make sure that the temperature inside your home does not drop below the freezing point and take care to provide insulation for the external pipes. If the surrounding temperature around the pipes happens to fall below freezing, the pipes will begin to freeze and it will be quite some time before then can become warm again. As a result, you will need to wait before you can get running water. Worse still, if the pipes do burst, they shall create water damage and you will incur huge expenses to repair the damage.

Take care to have your septic tank pumped at least once in every five years for good performance. If sediments build up in the septic tank, the tank will start to back up, and this can even result in the tank failing altogether. Yes, it is a little expensive to have the septic tank pumped but is it better than having to spend huge amount on an embarrassing sewage problem.

This is one important piece of advice to any homeowner. Do not give your plumber the entire payment before the job is satisfactorily done. Paying an advance amount before starting the work is fine but do not get carried away and pay the cost of the entire job before the plumber starts the work is half way through. Once the job is finished, check thoroughly if all the agreed repair works have been successfully done and then make the final payment. This way, you can protect yourself from quick-buck making, fraudulent characters.

Having knowledge about plumbing tools will help greatly whether you are attending to certain repair works on your own or hiring a plumbing agent. You can look up online and learn about various plumbing tools. However, before planning to carry out any repair, plan very well in advance, otherwise you could be committing a serious mistake that proves really costly. Also, make a list of all your plumbing problems and call the plumber. It would not make sense to call him repeatedly and incur huge expenses.

When you are installing plumbing fixtures, do not settle for cheap ones. If you go for a bit expensive ones, they will serve better and last longer too. Cheap ones might prove expensive towards the end with recurring problems. And, having some plumbing knowledge is always useful. Apart from saving money, you shall also have many people seeking your advice before doing any major plumbing work in their homes!

Monday, September 2, 2013

What makes a good Waukesha plumber?

When there is some problem at home that is related to plumbing or electricity work, what do you do immediately? You try to call up the nearest company and request them to attend to the complaint as quickly as they can. No sooner the person at the other end replies courteously and assures you that your problem will be corrected soon and within no time, you hear the doorbell ring. Instantly, you develop a very good impression about that company and will want to turn to them every time you face a problem at home. This is what is important when you are running a business. Customers should be treated with utmost respect, no matter how big or small the job is. Many big companies today are where they are because they valued their customers at all times. A small work attended today may fetch a huge business order tomorrow. Hence, no customer should be taken lightly.

If you are a resident of Waukesha and need plumbing help, help is readily available in the form of a Waukesha plumber. What sets apart most Waukesha plumbing companies from the rest of the clan is that they have a reputation for turning up on time, completing their job on time and executing quality work even if you do not personally supervise their task. Hence, it is no wonder that most of these companies thrive on the strength of excellent referrals and repeat customers. 

The following are the unique features of many Waukesha plumbing services:

•    You can be sure that the job will be done perfectly the first time
•    The plumbers will be present at your door at the stipulated hour
•    They will use drop cloths on the surface to prevent stains or damages to the floor
•    They will not skimp any parts while attending to the plumbing installations
•    You can expect your phone calls to be answered instantly or returned soon enough
•    Their quotes are transparent with no hidden charges or extra charges after the service
•    The plumbing personnel’s antecedents are verified before deployment
•    You shall not have any reason to complain at any level of service

The above attributes may seem a little incredible, but there are some companies even to this date that believe in according top priority to their customers. In modern times, we live in a world where finding high quality service, sadly, has become a pipe dream. In the face of hard to find labor, if you can come across a company that is not only responsive to your phone calls but also does an extremely commendable service, you will want to accord high rating to such a company. You must, therefore, look for a reputable Waukesha plumber who will not only value your time and offer laudable service, but will want to be your family plumber for many years.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Suggestions To Look For A Good Waukesha Plumbing Contractor

You would have often heard people make these statements, “everything is fine in the apartment we live in but the plumbing work is sub-standard” or “I would definitely purchase the current accommodation I live in if the plumbing quality was good”. It is very difficult to understand why most houses face plumbing problems, even when the construction looks top-class and sturdy. That may be because there are so many small and big aspects that constitute a successful plumbing work. A small leak can play havoc and gradually lead to major problems. Similarly, a clogged drain can pose untold miseries and health issues if left unattended. If you live in Waukesha, there are a few things you need to know before you hire the services of a reliable Waukesha plumbing contractor.

First and foremost, decide the amount that you are ready to spend on your plumbing work and then start looking for a suitable plumber. Do not please settle for the first one that comes along just because the services were very cheap. When you pay very less, you may have to compromise with the quality and it is always better to hire someone who charges a decent price but gives good warranty.

Before hiring a Waukesha plumbing contractor, ensure the work expertise of the person. In all probability, you will need to pay a little more for an experienced plumber, but the quality of work will be good and will come with guarantee. Moreover, your work will be done quickly and perfectly too. It goes without saying that finding out if the plumber carries an authorized license is absolutely necessary to avoid any problems in the future. Obtaining a written guarantee from your plumbing contractor is also another way of ensuring quality service.

Not all plumbing complaints can wait until you have located a good Waukesha plumbing company. There are some emergencies that call for urgent repair such as a clogged drain, or a leakage in a pipe along the ceiling that starts to drip on the carpet below. For such situations, it would be better to have the local emergency plumbing service numbers in Waukesha – they normally offer 24 hours service -, which can be contacted any time.

Another way of finding out how good a certain plumbing company is to know the number of their satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Checking the customers ‘comments online would be fine way of knowing the credibility of a company. A good plumbing company will have an easy-to-navigate website and provide all types of information. Sometimes, an impressive and informative website with happy customers’ comments is a good indicator of a company’s reliability and quality of service. With so much help available on the internet, it makes sense to put it to good use before spending your valuable money. Take your time and then hire a standard company that does good job at a decent price, without giving you any cause for complaint.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finding a good Pewaukee plumber

You can make a beautiful home; have lovely interiors and an attractive outdoor living space. All that is fine but if the plumbing work becomes sub-standard and if you encounter sub problem day in day out, the sheer enjoyment of living in your own home is lost. You can get anything but finding a good plumber can become a Herculean task, because as it happens, the really good ones would be busy attending to their customer calls most of the time. The ones that you do manage to find in a hurry would only do an inferior work at a high price. There are times when you get one part repaired, and some other part starts to give you trouble.

If you live in Pewaukee or Hartland area, you have a reason to be happy as there are some really good Pewaukee plumbers and equally good Hartland plumbers, who will do a good job without costing you a bomb! Even then, it is always advisable to do a neat home work from your end before finalizing a plumber that meets with your approval and needs. The following paragraphs will throw some light on the ways to identify a good Pewaukee plumber.

Do not every settle for a plumber who does not carry an authorized license. There are some plumbers that would have learnt the trade by observing or by working under some reputed plumber and would have taken to repairing independently without adequate training. Such half-baked knowledge, especially in the plumbing department can always create problems for you. Hence verify a plumber’s license and insurance details before hiring.
You are doing anything wrong if you want to know the number of years of experience a certain plumbing company carries. The longer they have been in business, the more credible will be their work quality and reliability. And then, bear in mind that not all new ones are bad and not all old ones are good too. Collecting feedback from people known to you and on the internet is also a fine way of verifying the credentials like in Pj's Plumbing a Pewaukee plumbing company.

If your plumbing work involves big repairs or some replacements, you must then insist on a quote and a guarantee from the company only to make sure that there is not huge difference between the initially quoted price and the final price. A nominal difference is fine though, as such a fluctuation is always acceptable in any major repair or replacement. There are some that will quote a small amount to grab the business, and then escalate the final price quoting various reasons, and you will have no choice other than to cough up the amount.

There is another genuine method of finding a good Pewaukee or Hartland plumber. If a local electrician or a mechanic has rendered you good service over a period, you can find out from them if they know a reputed and reliable plumber as they are likely to have some contacts. Who knows they might even influence such a plumber to offer you some discount too!

Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Tips From Oconomowoc Plumbing Professionals

Although most plumbing issues should be handled by experienced Oconomowoc plumbing professionals from companies. many minor plumbing issues can be prevented and addressed by the homeowners themselves as part of their do-it-yourself efforts. In fact, homeowners are well-advised to adopt regular maintenance procedures to ensure that plumbing issues are identified and addressed as early as possible. The earlier plumbing problems are addressed, the better for your pockets, your house and your family members living in your home.

Here are a few useful DIY tips from experienced plumbers that you can adopt in your own home. Just remember that calling in a reliable plumber is your best course of action when the plumbing issue is beyond your DIY knowledge, skills and tools.

Leaking Toilet

Before calling in a reliable Oconomowoc plumbing professional to check a possibly leaky toilet, you should test your theory. Pour a small amount of food coloring into the toilet tank and let it sit overnight; in the morning, see if the dye shows up on the bowl in which case, the toilet has a leak. Replace the flush valve, which should be easy and affordable.

Clogged Drains

Over time, the drains in the bathroom sink, shower and bathtub can be clogged with soap residue, hair, and other particles. Instead of waiting for a small flood in the bathroom or using an auger for extraction purposes, your best bet for de-clogging is a wet/dry vacuum. It also pays to regularly check the drains for items that can be easily retrieved like small particles before these are deposited in the recesses of the drain.

Sink Backup

Yet another issue that you can skip calling in a reliable Oconomowoc plumbing is kitchen sink backup. The kitchen sink can be clogged with food particles, cooking oil, and grease, among other gunk materials, so much so that backing up becomes an issue. DIY tips include:

• Place strainers on sink to catch various items, thus, keeping the drains as clean as possible for as long as possible

• Flush the drains on a regular basis. Use a few gallons of boiling water, which will melt the accumulated fats and soap residues.

• Use products that can prevent kitchen clogs by making it easier for the accumulated particles to be drained away.

The bottom line: Preventive measures are better than the remedies – or at the very least, these measures will make a potentially major plumbing issue into a relatively minor plumbing problem.

Laundry Connection

Experienced Oconomowoc plumbing professionals consider flooding due to faulty laundry connection as one of the most common yet preventable plumbing issues in homes. Over time, the rubber connection hoses will dry out and burst resulting in small floods around the house especially in the laundry room. DIY prevention tips:

• Check the rubber hoses on a regular basis; be on the lookout for blisters, cracks and other flaws in the hoses.

• Turn off the water supply valves to the washing machine when you will be away for extended periods. Install an easy-to-reach single-lever shutoff valve, if possible.

• Replace the rubber hoses with steel hoses.

And experienced Oconomowoc plumbing professionals suggest that homeowners and members of their households should know the location of the main shutoff valve as well as how to turn it off and on.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

When to Call the Waukesha Plumbing Professionals

Many plumbing projects can be successfully accomplished on a do-it-yourself basis, thus, avoiding the necessity of calling in one of the reliable Waukesha plumbing professionals from reputable companies.

But when a plumbing issue is beyond your DIY skills and tools, then it is time to call in a reliable licensed plumber for the job. Keep in mind that a relatively minor issue can quickly become worse when the inappropriate measures are applied and this is true for plumbing problems.

In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss the top most common plumbing issues that homeowners such as yourself encounter and that requires the expertise of a licensed Waukesha plumbing professional.

1. Licenses and Permits Are Required
The state requires licenses and permits for certain plumbing activities, said documents of which are in effect for the safety of everybody concerned. Keep in mind that many plumbing activities involve handling gas pipes, which has its fair share of risks from mishandling including explosions. You should then call in a licensed Waukesha plumber in many cases including but not limited to:

  • Bathroom remodeling projects since the pipes require rerouting, replacing and repairing, all of which are beyond the capacity of an average individual
  • Moving present plumbing
  • Adding gas lines in and out of the house
2.  Replacement of Shower Valve

It may initially appear that the replacement of a shower valve is easy considering that it’s just a single piece of bathroom equipment. Or is it? Upon closer inspection, the replacement of a shower valve will require time, effort and skills that an inexperienced DIY enthusiast cannot provide. And there’s also the fact that a reliable Waukesha plumbing professional will lessen if not completely avoid, damage on the shower walls.

3.Replacement of Tub

Yet another job that seems easy is replacing a bathtub. Don’t be fooled because the process requires sound knowledge and expert skills that plumbers have learned during their years of education, apprenticeship and work experience, which you cannot possess in a few hours of reading books and watching instructional videos. Call in the professional!

4. Water Heater Installation and Repair

Murphy’s Law applies to water heaters – everything that can go wrong will go wrong and probably in worst ways than you can imagine. Why risk your limb and life in water heater installation, repair and replacement when you have the expert services of a reliable Waukesha plumbing professional at your fingertips? With a DIY water heater project, getting burned is the least of your problems and we all know the cost of medical care in the United States.

5. Main Line Issues

When the toilets are backing up into the showers and tubs – Did we hear “eeww”? –the issue will most likely be with the main line. Non-plumbers have no business tinkering with the main line lest the issue become worse than it already is, thus, requiring more money for repairs. Plus, there’s also the fact that main line issues require special equipment that plumbers can operate and that you cannot.

Indeed, even when a plumbing issue seems minor in nature, it is almost always best to call in a reliable Waukesha plumbing professional.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Setting Costs Expectations Regarding Oconomowoc Plumbing Services

As in the rest of the United States, Oconomowoc plumbing companies like PJ’s Plumbing will charge their clients with varying rates depending on the type and scope of work, among other factors. If you are then planning to hire the services of one of their plumbers, you must then be aware of the average costs for plumbing services in the area. At the very least, your expectations will be as realistic as possible so you can plan your budget for the plumbing job at hand.

Ask Family and Friends

Instead of asking for bids, estimates and quotations from the plumbers as your first step, you are well-advised to ask around from your family and friends about their actual expenditures for plumbing jobs similar to the planned job in your home. You will then have a general idea about the possible costs for it while also keeping in mind that each plumbing job is different. This step is obviously applicable to non-rush jobs.

There’s another benefit to asking around first: You will have basis for comparing the estimates provided by Oconomowoc plumbing companies; be wary of the companies with too low and too high estimates in relation to the average costs.

Do Your Online Research
Dozens of Internet sites provide reliable information on the possible costs for plumbing services in the United States in general and Wisconsin in particular. From these sites, you will be able to gather information on the average costs such as:

  • Per hour fee $45-$75 in rural areas while it may be $75-$150 in urban areas with most plumbers charging for a minimum 2-hour fee
  • Flat fee for jobs depending on the type and complexity of jobs and on the location of the job (i.e., rural and urban, bathroom or kitchen) with the following average costs as the standards in most parts of the country:
$200-$800 for every fixture in a new house construction plumbing

$50-$200 or more for toilet repair such as the replacement of tank mechanism, flange or wax ring

$150-$600 or more for basic toilet installation

$65-$250 or more for unclogging a drain from simple obstruction

$100-$800 or more when the main sewer requires “snaking” depending on distance

$1,000 and up for sewer line replacement

$200 and up for installation of standard utility sink

$300 and up for water heater installation

As with asking family and friends, doing your online research has its benefits including the opportunity to compare the bids, estimates and quotes provided by several Oconomowoc plumbing professionals against the industry standard. Just keep in mind that the actual rates will vary from the average rates but the former should not have substantial difference than the latter unless in special cases.

Ask for Estimates

And you can then ask for the bids, estimates and quotes from several plumbing companies or professionals for the specific project. Experts suggest getting at least three estimates but you can always go the extra mile and get five, if possible. You will then have basis for the lowest and highest bids from among the five estimates and then arrive at the average.

But since cost is not all there is to choosing the best Oconomowoc plumbing professional, you should consider other factors, too, like license, guarantee and reputation.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Pewaukee Plumber Tips for Fixing Leaking Pipes

A broken and leaking pipe is a nightmare no homeowner wants to go through. While you may wonder what to do in such situations the first thing that comes to mind is to call your Pewaukee plumber. However to make things easier for your plumber, and to prevent further damage, you also have to not panic and have the sense of mind to turn off the water supply to the leaking pipe.

This valve may either be the fixture supply valve located in front of the leak or the main supply valve itself. By switching off the water supply, you not only discontinue the water supply to your pipe, but you also have time to think. In case your plumber can’t reach you immediately and you don’t have the time to fix the leaking pipe yourself, there are some options for a quick fix till the pipe is properly repaired.

A pencil can help repair a leaking pipe

The first thing you have to do is find out where the leak comes from and if it is a run of copper, here are some quick fix options. Though they don’t offer a permanent cure, they do let you turn on the water supply till the pipe is permanently fixed.

Try sticking a pencil into the hole and breaking it off, and then use electrician’s tape to wrap the pipe. Smear some plumber’s epoxy repair putty on the tape to ensure there is no leakage and after half an hour, you can turn the water back on.

Try wrapping some rubber around the hole in the pipe and use a C clamp and small wood blocks to clamp the rubber in place. Hose clamps around the rubber covering also helps prevent water from leaking. If you don’t have any old rubber, you could use a cut garden hose piece.

Pipe clamps help provide a more permanent solution

Pewaukee plumbing services suggest the following repair options for a longer and more permanent fix to any leaking pipe. Always keep some pipe clamps, which are available at home stores at home ready for fixing leaking pipes.

These clamps come with permanently fitted rubber gaskets that are designed to fit around the leaking pipe. Just place the clamp on the leak and while holding it in place, tighten its integral screws for a permanent seal.
Flexible or braided metal tubes with compression couples on either end help provide a permanent fix to not only small pinhole leaks, but also help fix longer split pipes. As these repair tubes are flexible and can bend, they can be used to repair even leaks in pipe elbows. These metal tubes are available in various lengths to enable you to fix your pipe where required.

All these quick fixes help you repair leaking pipes so that you can restore the water supply to the pipes as soon as possible. As you never know when you may encounter a leaking pipe, you should always have clamps, tape and all the other necessary equipment and tools ready to help you seal the leak till a professional Pewaukee plumber can attend to it.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oconomowoc Plumbing Emergency Steps You Should Know

Emergency plumbing situations shouldn’t be neglected as if they are fixed early, you can prevent major problems and expenditure. Though you may not be able to do all Oconomowoc plumbing jobs, with some plumbing emergency steps you will be able to prevent a plumbing emergency.

The leading plumbing emergency is leakages and blockages that drastically affect other parts of the house if not attended to quickly. So as soon as you find a leakage, the first thing to do is switch off the water valve that connects to that area or the entire house. This helps prevent any potential damage that arises in the house walls and floor because of spread of water.

Know your valves to stop leakages

You should thus always know where your water valves are, and what they do. The main water valve operates the main water source while the secondary valve regulates water flow to the nearest outlet.
When you shut the main valve the water flow to the entire house is stopped. The secondary valve should be shut if you notice a leak nearest to the valve. This means that if it’s a leakage with your sink, you have to shut down the valve under the sink. Don’t just switch off one valve; switch off both the hot and water valves to stop the leak as you don’t actually know if the leak stems from the hot water pipe or cold water pipe.

Overflowing toilets

Similarly, if the plumbing emergency is an overflowing toilet, you have to turn off the valve under the toilet. This discontinues the water flow to the toilet, and thus prevents water accumulation and consequent bigger problems till a professional Pewaukee plumber finds the problem and fixes it for you.

In case of the minor plumbing problems that don’t need immediate attention, just list them on your home improvement list to take care of in the future, when you have the budget to take care of the plumbing work.

Sometimes, while attending to home remodeling jobs related with your kitchen or bathroom, you may have to shift the position of pipes and valves. Don’t attempt to do this alone; let a professional plumber take care of it as a single misplaced threading can make the entire plumbing system go bad. This can lead to greater damage to your house because of some pipe leakage or blockage.

With the help of the above mentioned emergency Oconomowoc plumbing problems that occur when you least expect them, you can prevent greater loss and damage to your house.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Waukesha Plumbing Tips Homeowners Should Know

Repairing problems with the plumbing and water system mean additional expenses to any homemaker. While some problems are rather easy to fix and don’t require much money for its materials, there are some complicated and dangerous problems that should be handled by a Waukesha plumber. However if you know how to handle simple problems, you can prevent more extensive damage to the plumbing system and your home, and save money.

Your toilet works less efficiently if its flapper (the part that releases water and stops flow) is corroded and has a buildup of sediments. Most of the toilets today have replacement parts available at reasonable rates in local hardware stores. So just replace the damaged flapper for increase water flow efficiency of the toilet.

Prevent clogging of drains

To maintain your drain, prevent clogging of drains and to try and unclog blocked drains, pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down the bathtub drain. Once this is done, place a washcloth on the drain. The two chemicals react with each other to create expanding white foam.

Pour some boiling water into the drain after a few minutes to clear out any remaining clogs and solution. As hair, soap scum and other deposits tend to accumulate in bathtub pipes, doing this simple task at least once a month helps prevent the buildup of unwanted deposits.

Check for leaking toilets

Toilets should never leak; so if you learn a few steps to use to find out if the toilet leaks inside or its outside you will be able to save lots of headaches and your money. First, apply some pressure on your toilet’s sitting area and if you find that it seems to be unsteady or moves, a leak may eventually develop after regular use. So it’s better to call your Waukesha plumber for an assessment at the first signs of an unsteady or moving toilet.

While a moving or unsteady toilet can lead to an eventual external leak, to ensure there is no internal leakage, place a few drops of food coloring on the unit’s back. After a few minutes, if there is a change in the bowl color, it means that there is a leak inside the unit.

While these tips are very simple, they can help save thousands of dollars in possible future home repairs of your home’s plumbing and water system. This is why Waukesha plumbers believe that these plumbing tips are something that every homeowner should know about.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Oconomowoc Plumbing Tips for Handling Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies like burst pipes, running toilets and plumbing system leaks happen when you least expect it. Not only does this lead to a waste of water, its consequent damages can be both extensive and dangerous.

In such circumstances, most people tend to start panicking which in turn makes it difficult for you to think straight. However instead of panicking, Oconomowoc plumbing company states that quick action can help prevent expensive repairs and damage.

                                                                                        Turn off water flow

The first thing to do in such an emergency is to make sure that the water flow is stopped by turning off all water flow to your home. While it’s practically impossible to get burst pipes and leaks fixed immediately, it’s possible to stop further damage by switching off the water source.
This prevents the wastage of gallons of water and extensive and expensive water damage to your home. So find the main water shutoff valve as quickly as possible, which is usually located outside your home near the water meter box.

This done, turn off the individual shut-off valves in your home. All bathrooms, the kitchen and laundry room as a shut-off valve where the plumbing fixtures are located. This prevents any water left in the plumbing system from leaking anymore.


                   Do not panic

All this does not actually resolve the problem. However it does prevent further damage and mold formation, and also gives you the time to call a professional and qualified plumber to assess your plumbing system.

So the golden rule to follow in plumbing emergencies is not to panic but to stay calm, assess the problem and take the necessary steps to temporarily resolve the problem. You definitely have to also seek professional help as soon as possible to prevent additional damages.

                                                                                       Choose a plumber you can depend on

As the plumber has to come to your home as soon as possible, it is important that you choose and know a plumber you can depend on. You have to choose an able and professional plumber who not only carries out annual maintenance checks on your plumbing system, but who is located near your home so that they can reach your home as quickly as possible.

So make sure you do your research and compare the rates and experience of various plumbing companies in your vicinity to finally choose a plumber you can call and depend on during a plumbing emergency.

With a cool mind and a professional plumber by your side, you will not panic and will be able to face and handle any Oconomowoc plumbing emergency.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pewaukee Plumber - When To Replace Your Home’s Plumbing System

After living in your home for many years, there comes a time when you may have to change the plumbing system for some reason or the other. You may now wonder when the right time is for a replacement. There is however no fixed ‘time’ for this; it all depends on your Pewaukee plumber, who will be able to advise you during your system’s annual checkup.

Based on the observation and data your plumber collects, you will then get an idea of how long and how much longer your plumbing system can withstand your usage. Without the guidance and help of a plumber, it is rather difficult knowing when you actually have to restore your plumbing system.

Pipes deteriorate with time

With time, the pipes in your wall and other plumbing fixtures can deteriorate significantly; this especially occurs in houses more than 60 years old. Stained, discolored, dimpled and flaking tubes are all danger signs of corrosion and indicate that your plumbing system is in poor condition and that it is time to either repair or replace your plumbing system.

You can find out what type of plumbing is used in your home by taking a look at the home inspection report. However if you have lost it, it is your Pewaukee plumber who can help you.

Another sign that indicates your plumbing system has some issues are those puddles that form because of sneaky leaks. No matter if it is a small or severe leak, a leak usually means your house’s plumbing system should be replaced.

This is because the original pipes used in your plumbing system are made of the same material, and can bear the same water supply and usage pattern of your home. So if there is a leak somewhere, you are pretty sure that there will also be many more leaks elsewhere pretty soon.

Brown water may indicate rusted pipes

Always check the water that comes out of your bath tub before taking a bubble bath as if the water is brown or yellow, it means your pipes are rusting. This in turn is a sign of decay and it’s better to not use that water for bathing.

So all these signs do warn you and give an indication that your home plumbing system should be changed in the near future. However replacing the entire plumbing system of your home can be expensive. The better thing to do is to maintain and prolong its life as much as possible by having your professional Pewaukee plumbing company perform yearly checkups on the plumbing system.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Plumbing System

The bathroom is a very important part of your home which is why it should be maintained well. Not only should the fixtures be maintained and changed when faulty, the plumbing system too should be periodically checked.

While it’s better to hire a professional Waukesha plumber to check the system at least once a year, it’s better to do some checking time and again. So here are some tips that help you check your household’s plumbing system.

1. First thing to do is clean out the drains so that all built up residue is cleared. This prevents your having to attend to the problem when water does not nudge through pipes. Though this is not a pleasant task, it’s better than finally digging something foreign out from the drain after some time. Cleaning of the drain can be done using a plastic drain tool from the local home improvement store or if you want, you can go green and use some white vinegar.

2. A running toilet is another problem that occurs in most bathrooms. This usually occurs when the flapper is not in place or is completely worn out. To fix this problem, you just have to remove the tank cover and scrub out any built-up residue on the flapper. In case the flapper is worn out, replace it with a brand new one.

3. Next in line is the drip drop of a leaky faucet, which cannot be fixed by choking the faucet with a cloth. Instead, the first thing to do is place your hand under the faucet to find out if the drops are cold or warm. This lets you know if the hot or cold water pipe is leaking.

Once you turn off the corresponding water supply line, which is usually located under the sink you next have to remove the knob from the leaking side and remove the valve stem. Check the washer placed at the bottom of the stem and replace it if is in a horrid condition. Then you just have to restore all the parts and just recheck to make sure there are no more leaks.

These 3 tips should help you deal with most of the minor Waukesha plumbing problems to check and maintain your plumbing system. However, for optimum maintenance, it’s better to have a professional Waukesha plumber take a look at your plumbing system and fixtures at least once a year.