Sunday, August 11, 2013

Setting Costs Expectations Regarding Oconomowoc Plumbing Services

As in the rest of the United States, Oconomowoc plumbing companies like PJ’s Plumbing will charge their clients with varying rates depending on the type and scope of work, among other factors. If you are then planning to hire the services of one of their plumbers, you must then be aware of the average costs for plumbing services in the area. At the very least, your expectations will be as realistic as possible so you can plan your budget for the plumbing job at hand.

Ask Family and Friends

Instead of asking for bids, estimates and quotations from the plumbers as your first step, you are well-advised to ask around from your family and friends about their actual expenditures for plumbing jobs similar to the planned job in your home. You will then have a general idea about the possible costs for it while also keeping in mind that each plumbing job is different. This step is obviously applicable to non-rush jobs.

There’s another benefit to asking around first: You will have basis for comparing the estimates provided by Oconomowoc plumbing companies; be wary of the companies with too low and too high estimates in relation to the average costs.

Do Your Online Research
Dozens of Internet sites provide reliable information on the possible costs for plumbing services in the United States in general and Wisconsin in particular. From these sites, you will be able to gather information on the average costs such as:

  • Per hour fee $45-$75 in rural areas while it may be $75-$150 in urban areas with most plumbers charging for a minimum 2-hour fee
  • Flat fee for jobs depending on the type and complexity of jobs and on the location of the job (i.e., rural and urban, bathroom or kitchen) with the following average costs as the standards in most parts of the country:
$200-$800 for every fixture in a new house construction plumbing

$50-$200 or more for toilet repair such as the replacement of tank mechanism, flange or wax ring

$150-$600 or more for basic toilet installation

$65-$250 or more for unclogging a drain from simple obstruction

$100-$800 or more when the main sewer requires “snaking” depending on distance

$1,000 and up for sewer line replacement

$200 and up for installation of standard utility sink

$300 and up for water heater installation

As with asking family and friends, doing your online research has its benefits including the opportunity to compare the bids, estimates and quotes provided by several Oconomowoc plumbing professionals against the industry standard. Just keep in mind that the actual rates will vary from the average rates but the former should not have substantial difference than the latter unless in special cases.

Ask for Estimates

And you can then ask for the bids, estimates and quotes from several plumbing companies or professionals for the specific project. Experts suggest getting at least three estimates but you can always go the extra mile and get five, if possible. You will then have basis for the lowest and highest bids from among the five estimates and then arrive at the average.

But since cost is not all there is to choosing the best Oconomowoc plumbing professional, you should consider other factors, too, like license, guarantee and reputation.