Monday, July 29, 2013

Pewaukee Plumber Tips for Fixing Leaking Pipes

A broken and leaking pipe is a nightmare no homeowner wants to go through. While you may wonder what to do in such situations the first thing that comes to mind is to call your Pewaukee plumber. However to make things easier for your plumber, and to prevent further damage, you also have to not panic and have the sense of mind to turn off the water supply to the leaking pipe.

This valve may either be the fixture supply valve located in front of the leak or the main supply valve itself. By switching off the water supply, you not only discontinue the water supply to your pipe, but you also have time to think. In case your plumber can’t reach you immediately and you don’t have the time to fix the leaking pipe yourself, there are some options for a quick fix till the pipe is properly repaired.

A pencil can help repair a leaking pipe

The first thing you have to do is find out where the leak comes from and if it is a run of copper, here are some quick fix options. Though they don’t offer a permanent cure, they do let you turn on the water supply till the pipe is permanently fixed.

Try sticking a pencil into the hole and breaking it off, and then use electrician’s tape to wrap the pipe. Smear some plumber’s epoxy repair putty on the tape to ensure there is no leakage and after half an hour, you can turn the water back on.

Try wrapping some rubber around the hole in the pipe and use a C clamp and small wood blocks to clamp the rubber in place. Hose clamps around the rubber covering also helps prevent water from leaking. If you don’t have any old rubber, you could use a cut garden hose piece.

Pipe clamps help provide a more permanent solution

Pewaukee plumbing services suggest the following repair options for a longer and more permanent fix to any leaking pipe. Always keep some pipe clamps, which are available at home stores at home ready for fixing leaking pipes.

These clamps come with permanently fitted rubber gaskets that are designed to fit around the leaking pipe. Just place the clamp on the leak and while holding it in place, tighten its integral screws for a permanent seal.
Flexible or braided metal tubes with compression couples on either end help provide a permanent fix to not only small pinhole leaks, but also help fix longer split pipes. As these repair tubes are flexible and can bend, they can be used to repair even leaks in pipe elbows. These metal tubes are available in various lengths to enable you to fix your pipe where required.

All these quick fixes help you repair leaking pipes so that you can restore the water supply to the pipes as soon as possible. As you never know when you may encounter a leaking pipe, you should always have clamps, tape and all the other necessary equipment and tools ready to help you seal the leak till a professional Pewaukee plumber can attend to it.