Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pewaukee Plumber - When To Replace Your Home’s Plumbing System

After living in your home for many years, there comes a time when you may have to change the plumbing system for some reason or the other. You may now wonder when the right time is for a replacement. There is however no fixed ‘time’ for this; it all depends on your Pewaukee plumber, who will be able to advise you during your system’s annual checkup.

Based on the observation and data your plumber collects, you will then get an idea of how long and how much longer your plumbing system can withstand your usage. Without the guidance and help of a plumber, it is rather difficult knowing when you actually have to restore your plumbing system.

Pipes deteriorate with time

With time, the pipes in your wall and other plumbing fixtures can deteriorate significantly; this especially occurs in houses more than 60 years old. Stained, discolored, dimpled and flaking tubes are all danger signs of corrosion and indicate that your plumbing system is in poor condition and that it is time to either repair or replace your plumbing system.

You can find out what type of plumbing is used in your home by taking a look at the home inspection report. However if you have lost it, it is your Pewaukee plumber who can help you.

Another sign that indicates your plumbing system has some issues are those puddles that form because of sneaky leaks. No matter if it is a small or severe leak, a leak usually means your house’s plumbing system should be replaced.

This is because the original pipes used in your plumbing system are made of the same material, and can bear the same water supply and usage pattern of your home. So if there is a leak somewhere, you are pretty sure that there will also be many more leaks elsewhere pretty soon.

Brown water may indicate rusted pipes

Always check the water that comes out of your bath tub before taking a bubble bath as if the water is brown or yellow, it means your pipes are rusting. This in turn is a sign of decay and it’s better to not use that water for bathing.

So all these signs do warn you and give an indication that your home plumbing system should be changed in the near future. However replacing the entire plumbing system of your home can be expensive. The better thing to do is to maintain and prolong its life as much as possible by having your professional Pewaukee plumbing company perform yearly checkups on the plumbing system.